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White Oak Recipes Shoot Process

Recipes : Chef Brigette

Client : McCann POS for Angostura WO/FP

Custom Ceramics : Portraits by Khaffi

Custom Wood Boards : Kelly Furniture

A few weeks ago we cooked, styled and photographed a collection of recipes for Angostura White Oak. It was a great recipe collection from Chef Brigette, and we thought it’d be fun to show you some behind the scenes from this tasty photo spread!

[ld_images_comparison image=”1443″ second_image=”1442″]

We were given complete freedom in styling and aesthetic choices. The only instruction was that despite being released during the holiday season, they may use the photos in different ways at different times of year. It’s November so we were already knee-deep in gold glitter,  so it was a welcome change of pace to shoot without string lights!

Typically we like to create moodboards and even mockups but on short notice we decided to go straight into sketches to help guide us on styling and props. And that’s what we wanted to show here, check out the sliders!

As you can tell we LOVE colour 🌈. We chose a palette we felt could be published together, but each image had to stand on its own too.

Having a large set of recipes, it gave us the opportunity to work with local artisans to create exactly what we needed! Beautiful local wood backgrounds and colourful ceramics.

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of our process and how we plan for a shoot and check out all the images and sliders below!

[ld_images_comparison image=”1467″ second_image=”1436″]
[ld_images_comparison image=”1440″ second_image=”1441″]
[ld_images_comparison image=”1485″ second_image=”1484″]
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[ld_images_group_element image=”1453″][/ld_images_group_element]
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